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Tiffany's Teenage Years 

Tiffany's passion for unique finds in clothing and accessories began during her teenage years at the University of Chicago.

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Early 20s in New York

Tiffany expanded her business to New York. She started with a few pop-up sales in SOHO, which proved successful. Which began her presence in the New York fashion scene.

Move to Bushwick

Despite her store's success, Tiffany had to pivot when she was priced out of the SOHO space and soon became a Stella McCartney retail store. Her ability to pivot and her creativity were notable aspects of her career. Tiffany's next destination was Bushwick, where she continued to evolve her career.

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28 Scott Vintage

While the trucks were popular, Tiffany realized that the space didn't allow for the essential Tiffany Nicole experience, which was about creating a place for people to shop, hang out, and connect as a community.

The garment store photo

"The Garment Room" in Chicago

Her eye for fashion led to her first business, "The Garment Room". Which combined a shopping space with a relaxed atmosphere and gained a devoted following, making Tiffany a notable figure in the Chicago fashion scene.

previos store photo inside

The Garment Room" to SOHO

At 22, Tiffany moved "The Garment Room" to SOHO and expanded its concept to include high-end vintage fashion. The store, located next to Louis Vuitton, became a vibrant hub where fashion, art, and culture blended.

The Mobile Vintage Shop

In Bushwick, Tiffany introduced a new concept by opening the first mobile vintage shops in the United States. Located across from Roberta's pizzeria in Bushwick, the "Mobile Vintage Shop" offered clothing items for $10, quickly becoming a neighborhood staple.

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