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Brooklyn  |  28 Scott Ave | Brooklyn, NY 11237  |  NY NY 10002  |  ph. +1 404-263-8550
Open 12-8 Daily
28 SCOTT  celebrates the vibe of old New York - A unique underground shopping experience created by Tiffany McCrary.   Inspired by the street culture of Brooklyn where high end luxury and streetwear coexist, where sustainable clothing and affordable prices are the norm. A place where all are welcome. Where spirits from around the world can be sampled while you shop.
Kind of like your neighborhood vintage speakeasy.
28 SCOTT is a true Brooklyn experience.
Tiffany Nicole is a mainstay in New York fashion - vintage and otherwise. You may have never set foot in any of her retail stores over the years, but chances are you’ve seen her work. From costuming for major network shows like Ugly Betty, Sex and The City, and Carrie Diaries ( to name a few) to offering design inspiration and forecast trending for fashion houses and major brands, Tiffany has influenced the….. Tiffany’s passion for unique finds in clothing and accessories started in her teens as a student at the University of Chicago. Her eye for fashion created the first business, The Garment Room. Combining a space where folks could relax and shop, The Garment Room grew devoted following and made a name for Tiffany throughout Chicago and beyond. New York was next. A few pop up sales in SOHO and Tiffany knew she found her next market and home. At 22, Tiffany moved The Garment Room to Soho and expanded the concept to high-end vintage. Located next to Louis Vuitton, The Garment Room became a vibrant hub where fashion, art, and culture blended seamlessly. The Garment Room was less a store and more an experience. The underground store became the darling of the blogs, fashion magazines and customers from around the globe. At the peak of her store’s success, Tiffany had to pivot when she was priced out of the space that would soon become a Stella McCartney retail store. Pivoting and creativity are hallmarks of Tiffany’s limitless gifts. The next destination - Bushwick. The next concept - opening the first mobile vintage shops in the US. Located across from Roberta’s pizzeria and selling every piece for $10, The Mobile Vintage Shop quickly became a neighborhood staple. The trucks were popular but the space didn’t allow for the essential Tiffany Nicole experience. A place to shop and hang and connect as a community.
In 2016, Tiffany opened the flagship 28 Scott location. The space feels familiar to the brand  that started back in The Garment Room - new merchandise almost daily, a large home goods collection from around the globe, vinyl and books, a tasting bar with alcoholic and nonalcoholic spirits, and most importantly, a place to connect and hang. Tiffany knows all of her customers and they know her. The 28 Scott experience is as much about community as it is about fashion, and Tiffany is the heart of it all.
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